Asociația cultural-educativă Ambasadorii prieteniei

Mission, vision and objectives

The “Friendship Ambassadors” Association offers a space for civic engagement to participants who believe in human dignity and the values of democracy. We develop projects and activities in which the participants are exposed and learn critical thinking, responsibility, respect towards a job well done and towards the rule of law, a healthy balance between personal interest and contributing to the community, perseverance and courage. We focus on these attributes and attitudes because we view them as normal and necessary to any form of private or public manifestation.
The “Friendship Ambassadors” Association engages in developing a culture of democracy within various community structures (educational entities, associations etc.), in supporting the development of individuals within a community and the community as a whole by designing activities focused on inter-cultural education, civic education, human-rights education, legal education, etc. open to all community members, but with emphasis towards engaging children and adolescents.

The principal objectives of the Association are:

  • inter-cultural, civic, human-rights, legal education of the community members, especially children and adolescents;
  • the development of a democratic culture within various community entities (schools, associations, etc.);
  • supporting the community members and developing the local community.

Our vision

The Association members believe in the strength of the water-drop, which with time carves the stone. The democracy and market economy can become reality even in a former communist country, through rigorous and consistent education of the citizens. Assumed ownership will drive civic engagement with lasting positive changes within the community. The direct, hands-on involvement in creating what is necessary within a given context will give the participants a sense of ownership, will make them more responsible and will contribute towards creating something durable and efficient. One key element to personal and collective success is quality, and it can only be achieved through rigorous education, training and practice. Normality and a civil society can only be achieved if they are built through a grass-roots effort, by involved citizens.

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